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Daikon Salad

1 Daikon radish (big) Grated


4 slices of cucumber with skin

1 thin slice of ginger (warming)

Juice of 1 Meyer lemon (my neighbors tree or Whole foods)

2 Tbl of Tahini (Community Tree Living) (Nourishes Lungs)

4 Tbl Hemp oil Whole foods in refrigerated section (high in Omega 3)

1 Tbl “Really Raw honey” Community Tree Living  (Nourishes Lungs)

Celtic sea salt to taste

2 Tbl of green crushed olives (interrupcion fair trade)


Blend all of the above in a magic bullet or Vitamix

Add more cucumber (cools) or coconut milk (increases semen) if not liquidy enough


Why you should eat this?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is said that white, whole foods, nourish the Lung

The Lung needs to be moistened as they have a tendency to dryness.