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The Low Down on Energy Drinks

We have had the misfortune of seeing the ill effects of Red Bull first hand in our clinic over the years, and it is refreshing to see parts of the European Union get on board by inacting a ban on the toxic drink.

Below is an excellent excerpt from an article in Natural News regarding the dangers in drinking energy drinks. My suggestion for our patients who want a boost in energy-without a dip in health- is to make a blender of our famous Green Drink (recipie below) and pack it to go in a thermos for a midday energy slump. Its a tried and true formula for vitality and health 🙂

(NaturalNews) It seems energy can be found everywhere these days. Energy in a can, energy in a cup, energy in a bottle. . .Wherever it is, people are looking for it because, well, we seem to be lacking it. Generally speaking, synthetic energy enhancement can have some long term health consequences, one of which is a dependence on whatever substance it is that’s giving you that extra boost. In fact, new research from Wayne State University says that one of the most popular – and easy to find – energy enhancers can pose health risks to people with heart conditions: energy drinks.I’m sure you’ve seen these energy drinks. According to researchers, popular energy drinks like Red Bull cause the heart rate to race at rates dangerous for people with heart conditions like heart disease.Researchers found that within four hours of drinking various energy drinks, the 15 participants’ blood pressure rates and heart rates increased approximately 10 percent for the systolic rate, 8 percent for the diastolic rate and heart rates increased 11 percent. Researchers note that these levels are of little importance for healthy young adults (the average age of participants was 26) but these kinds of levels can be serious for people with heart conditions. One researcher said that these results can be “clinically significant” for those who take medication to treat their heart condition as energy drinks may adversely affect heart medications’ effectiveness. And while these energy drinks are often used when performing activities that require focus, heart rates increased for these participants while sedentary; such as while watching movies.In short, researchers advise anyone who has a heart condition to avoid energy drinks until further research is done. But you really ought to avoid these energy drinks all together. They’re loaded with caffeine, which has been linked to cancer, cardiovascular problems, extreme mood swings and dependence.

Sara’s World Famous Green Drink
“Clean the liver and keep it clean!”

1 leaf of Chard, removed from stalk
1 leaf of Kale, removed from stalk
Several pieces of cilantro/basil/parsley/mint/ginger/fennel etc. (pick one or many!)
Several pieces of Pineapple or Orange
1 ½-2 cups of water
Optional: 2 tsp of Apex Fish oil
Optional: 2 tbsp of SP Complete Protein Powder
Put your veggies without their thick stalks in the blender, and blend well. Drink and enjoy vitality and perfect health!