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“Simply stated: Sara Pettit changed my life.”

Mine was a classic HMO horror story.  For years, I was constantly sick, in and out of doctors offices.   At the peak of my illness, my lungs were very weak (they only filled to about 60% of their capacity). My immune system was very weak following years of misdiagnosis and far too many antibiotics.  I visited doctors, specialists, and spent more money than I had.  Not surprisingly, this affected my emotional life as well.  It’s hard to be happy when you are broke and sick. And then I met Sara.   She didn’t fill me with antibiotics that merely treated the symptoms and simultaneously made me sicker.  She treated the real cause of my illness, using treatments that supported what my body naturally should have done on it’s own.   She didn’t send me home again and again, more hopeless each time than the last.  She made me feel well enough that I began to feel hopeful again. Sara’s programs and approach to health helped my body work better:  my immune system improved, my ever-present stomach issues dramatically improved, my allergies are far better.  Even my M.D. acknowledges that “whatever it is I am doing, I should continue to do it”, based on the changes she has seen in me.   Thank you Sara, for actually making a difference when I didn’t know if anyone could.  You put me on the path to the healthiest I have ever been.   You gave me back my life.  I’ll forever practice the things that Sara has taught me, and remain committed to what I now call “The Sara Way.”  Truly, you are the best!”


“The amount of transformation I have experienced since meeting Sara has been nothing short of miraculous.”

I’ve been working with Sara Pettitt, LAc for about two years. The amount of transformation I have experienced since meeting Sara has been nothing short of miraculous. When I first met Sara I thought she might be too good to be true, but she turned out to be everything I hoped for. Her knowledge base is huge and her simple, truth-centered approach allows the patient’s body to actually be in control of the process. She never overwhelms, nor pushes a person into a place where they feel out of control. I am constantly amazed by her gentle approach. When I was battling a systemic fungal infection, Sara found that I needed to handle several things. One of the steps I needed to do was to make a radical change in my diet. I’ve seen other doctors who suggested various diets but none of them really worked, but after working with Sara I was certain that her advice was correct and so I became dedicated to the work. After six months on her recommended program my blood pressure came down and began to stabilize with no pharmaceutical assistance at all. I’ve lost 25lbs and exercise happily every day. Before this time I knew I needed to exercise but always felt too crumby to do it. After eliminating the fungal infection I got enough energy to actually look forward to my daily work out. I do these things because they work and because I feel better when I do them. Sara helped me make these changes slowly and simply. Sara has helped me improve my own health, the health of my family members and a host of clients who I’ve referred to her. She is more than just a health care practitioner, she is a source of healing and truth that is an example of what true healing can really encompass. So what can you say to someone who always tells you the right things and listens to your response so that she knows what is happening? How about, “When is my next appointment?

“My blood Glucose count has dropped over 100 points!”

Dear Sara, I wanted to let you know what our partnership in creating a healthier and happier me has produced. Since being under your care and taking the supplements in the last 60 days, my blood-glucose count has dropped from 325 (which is quite high), over 100 points to 210. I continue to drop with my recent daily counts at 190. This is the most supportive and inspiring result in my ten years as a diabetic. The healthy goal of 140 (my doctor’s recommended blood glucose level) finally looks attainable without injectable insulin. In addition, I have lost 20 pounds of fat that my doctor has been nagging me to lose for the last year. While not as measurable, my attitude towards life has improved dramatically, with my depression and fatigue lifting. I can’t thank you enough. You and your staff have given me back my commitment to my health and the possibilities that go with facing daily life well and happy. I look forward to the new year and increasing wellness and vitality under your guidance and care.

“I’ve already lost 28 pounds and I feel awesome!”

I couldn’t have predicted that I’d feel this way on a detox:

* I’m not hungry — ever!

* I’m not craving anything

After how I felt the first 2 days I was really dreading the rest of it.  But now I really could imagine myself eating like this forever! I brought my Vita-Mix to the office.  All the IT guys here are thinking of doing a week of green drink with me!  They’re all surprised with how good it tastes, etc. Thanks a million for including me in this.  I’ve already lost 28 pounds and I feel awesome!

“You have truly been a positive force in my life!”

Sara, thank you so much for all this information. You have truly been a positive force in my life for the past three months. Not only did you heal my knee, but you have given me information that I did not know existed. Before I met you, I believed in surgery and antibiotics as the fix to my body when it was not working right. Now I see there are ways to prevent these things. And you may not know, but you are also helping me heal my heart. Your kindness and patience with my son is remarkable. You have opened his eyes and engaged him with your knowledge- something I did not think he was capable of getting at this young age. And getting him to be open in trying new foods has been very helpful for me.

“The liver spots that were on the right side of my face are gone”

Sara, I wanted to let you know that the liver spots that were on the right side of my face are gone. I had two spots on the right side of my face, one spot over my right eyebrow and a large one on my right cheek, which are both gone. I still have another spot on my left cheek that I noticed is not as large as it was when I started the cleanse and it is also slowly going away!

 “I just wanted to share with all of you how powerful this process is”

Here is what i would like to share with all your patients and the others doing this amazing cleanse. After my first visit to Sara, in early December, she offered me a glass of her green drink.  I took a sip and almost had to spit it out. I literally felt a gagging reflex and I just could not stomach it. I consider myself to be quite healthy- I eat well and I exercise a lot, so this response was a bit startling!! For some reason, when I woke up yesterday, I got the impulse to try the green drink again. Lo and behold it went down and actually felt really good! In fact, I quickly drank the whole glass, and immediately I felt my body start tingling and vibrating. This was a very pleasant experience!  I started to feel energy coursing through my body and to just feel great!!   I couldn’t believe it.  I was so excited, I immediately called Sara to tell her what I was feeling! Now in retrospect, I think my body rejected it the first time because I was too toxic to take it in. Now, after cleaning out on this cleanse my body absolutely welcomed this drink and felt supercharged by it. So I just wanted to share with all of you how powerful this process is of cleansing and healing and treating ourselves with love and respect. Thanks to Sara for all her love and support, and for creating the space for all this to happen!!

 From a patient whose diligence resulted in a cancelled gallbladder-removal surgery:

I had wonderful results working with Sara Pettitt, LAc.  My first objective was to do a liver/gallbladder cleanse. Sara started me on a detox program consisting of a specified diet and herbal supplements. I lost five pounds and had more energy. During the one month detox program, Sara supported me with numerous fantastic recipes; this was such great support and illustrated her commitment to her clients. Sara then put me on a herbal supplement to reduce the size of gallstones prior to doing the gallbladder flush. The results were amazing, the gallbladder cleanse resulted in removing over one hundred stones. A second cleanse was performed a month
later resulting in about thirty stones being removed. I plan to repeat this procedure on a continuous basis as part of my health care program.
Another recent treatment was for Plantar Fasciitis (a painful inflammation of the tendon at the bottom of the foot). Sara’s treatment consisted of acupuncture and nightly applications of topical ointments. Within a month, the pain was gone and has not returned. Sara truly cares about her clients and is a wonderful health practitioner.

From the easy reader, March 22, 2007:

Once a week, the team (dutch Olympic volleyball duo Mered de Vries and Patricia Labee) meets with Sara Pettitt at Pacific Acupuncture and Wellness Center in Hawthorne. They are treated with acupuncture, the latest in herbology and endure a yoga session. It’s amazing how flexible the girls have gotten.